Principal's Weekly Message

Principal Griffin's Weekly Message

December 9, 2017

SMS Parents,

We have nine school days left in the first semester of this school year. We will have 2nd nine weeks exams beginning on Tuesday, December 12 through Friday, December 15.  The schedule for these days is:

Tuesday – Math

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Social Studies

Friday – English/Language Arts

These nine weeks exams are good practice and preparation for high school when students will have semester exams.  The majority of high school courses are a semester in length. 

Please be reminded that the last day of the nine weeks and first semester is Thursday, December 21.  This will be an 11:35 AM dismissal day.  Buses will take students home at 11:35 AM and car riders will be out front waiting at that time.  Lunch will not be served, but breakfast will be served.

Our Lost and Found items will be donated to a charity on December 21st.  If your child loses an item on or after December 14th, it will not be donated.  Please place your child’s name in garments and lunch boxes.  We will return all items that can be identified.

The Teenage Brain (continued)

Another look at the teenage brain tells us that the prefrontal cortex, the front of the brain, controls reasoning and impulses.  This part of the brain does not fully mature until around 25 years old.  Many young people experiment with risky behaviors because of this lack of judgment and understanding of the damage that can be done.  It only takes one moment of risky behavior to change many lives and the future for those individuals.

The development of the adolescent brain and behavior are closely linked. In a wink, hormones can shift your teen’s emotions into overdrive, leading to unpredictable – and sometimes risky – actions. Unfortunately, developing brains may be more prone to damage. This means that experimentation with drugs and alcohol can have lasting, harmful effects on your teen’s health.

  • Research shows that alcohol abuse during the teenage years negatively impacts the memory center of the brain (the hippocampus).
  • The use of drugs and alcohol may also disrupt the development of the adolescent brain in unhealthy ways, making it harder for teens to cope with social situations and the normal pressures of life.
  • Moreover, the brain’s reward circuits (the dopamine system) get thrown out of whack when under the influence. This causes a teen to feel in a funk when not using drugs or alcohol – and going back for more only makes things worse.

It is important to urge your teen to take healthy risks. Not only will participation in constructive activities – such as athletics or the arts – help him or her form positive lifestyle habits, it will help your teen’s forebrain develop as well.

Much of this information was taken from the following website -    Please check it out for more information.

School Calendar for December 11-21

December 11-         Boys Basketball vs. Indian Land Middle at Home

                                 7th at 5:00, 8th at 6:15

                                 Girls Basketball vs. Indian Land Middle Away

December 12-         Math Nine Weeks Test

December 13 -        Band/7th and 8th Chorus/SOL Winter Concert

    SMS Gym 7:00 PM

    After School Help Session  3:45PM - 4:45PM

    Science Nine Weeks Test

December 14 -        Boys Basketball vs. Fort Mill Middle at Home

     7th at 5:00, 8th at 6:15

     Girls Basketball vs. Fort Mill Middle Away

     After School Help Session  3:45PM - 4:45PM (last one in 2017)

    Social Studies Nine Weeks Test

December 15-         Language Arts Nine Weeks Test

December 18-         Girls Basketball vs. Pleasant Knoll Middle at Home

     7th at 5:00, 8th at 6:15

     Boys Basketball vs. Pleasant Knoll Away

December 19-         No After School Help Session

December 21-         11:35 Dismissal  Holiday Break Begins

Don’t forget to make plans with your child in the event that there should there be an early dismissal or late arrival due to inclement weather.  Yesterday and today helps to remind us that the possibility of frozen precipitation is there.  We do not get much frozen stuff, but it can happen.  Of course, it is more likely to happen in January or February.

Stay warm and thanks for reading!

Keith Griffin, Principal

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