Cardio Mack

Welcome to my new website!

I am excited to have your child in my class for the 2017-2018 school year. Please refer to my website often as I will be posting classroom announcements and happenings on a regular basis.  My calendar will contain important classroom and school-related event dates, along with homework assignments. To the left are other valuable tools, including our classroom photo gallery, academic resources and other important parent resources provided by the school district.

Please reach out to me via email at anytime; just click on my email address noted above. If you are in need of a conference, my appointment hours during the school year are 8:00 am time to 6:00 pm. 



The dance audition will be held Thursday, May 3rd 2018 from 4-:5:30 in Ms. Trull’s room.

Blair Dykes- Alto

Caroline Witzel- Alto

Jenna Gardner- Alto

Ben Johnson- Baritone

Emily De Suoza-Alto

Noelle Hanushek- Soprano

Cayla Harell- Soprano/Alto

Peyton Smith- Alto

Caroline Keziah- Soprano

Danielle Somerset- Soprano

Arianna Holcomb- Alto

Tatum Robins- Alto

Grace Saini- Alto

Sarah Connot- Alto

Allie Perez- Soprano

Gianna Cipriano- Alto

Raquel Garcia- Soprano/Alto

Maria Hernandez- Alto

Hannah Paden- Alto

Ian Cooper- Baritone

Reynolds Young- Tenor

Emma Bennett- Soprano

Anna Adams- Alto

Meldoy Leach-Alto

Emily Ford-Alto

Amariah Davis- Soprano

Mia Cipriani Soprano/Alto

Alyssa Ashby- Alto

Leah McNeil-Alto

Jacob Clewis- Tenor

Jayli Pope- Alto

Saana Lloyd- Soprano/Alto

Carter Cox- Tenor

Elena Nugent- Soprano

Banally Santiago- Soprano

Andy Perez- Tenor

DJ Baxter- Baritone

Gregory Hagerty- Tenor

Isabella Zuluaga- Soprano/Alto

Addie Allen- Alto

Lilly Myers- Alto

Angelina Leyton- Soprano

Matthew Jackson-Tenor

Charity Revel- Alto

Jiyah Cunningham- Soprano

Alex Bussman- Tenor

Viktoria Baryshevtsev- Alto


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