Principal's Weekly Message

Principal Griffin's Weekly Message

November 17, 2018

SMS Families,

Thanksgiving break is next week from November 21 through November 23.  At Springfield Middle, we are thankful for our students, parents, staff, and community.  We are thankful that we teach and work with such wonderful students.  Thank you to our PTO, Athletic Booster Club, district administration, and community.  We have what we need to be successful in the classroom and our school on a daily basis.  Also, on this Thanksgiving Day we must be thankful for the country that we live in and all the freedoms that we have.  Have a great Thanksgiving!

I would like to follow up today with more information and research regarding the Teenage Brain.  Do you remember the time of your life when you could stay up all night and sleep all day?  Your teen may be doing that now or will be doing it in the near future.  See an explanation below.

Why Teens Can't Sleep  By Amanda MacMillan 


“If your teenager wants to stay up late, there may be a biological reason for it. Children's internal clocks, called circadian rhythms, shift slightly around the time they go through puberty, says Judith Owens, MD, MPH, director of the Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders at Boston Children's Hospital. Their brains don't start making melatonin, a hormone that helps us fall asleep, until later in the evening.

On top of that, teens have a slower sleep drive than young children, which means they stay awake longer, even when they're sleep deprived. "It is harder for them to naturally fall asleep much before 11 at night," Owens says.

They also spend too much time with electronic devices like cell phones and tablets, says Cora Breuner, MD, chair of the Committee on Adolescence for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

At night, the light from these screens can interfere with the brain's melatonin production. Plus, activities like texting and playing video games keeps kids alert. "It's impossible for them to wind down when they have so much going on right at their fingertips," Breuner says.”

Click on the website for more information and reading.

*****Lost and Found*****- We will donate Lost and Found items at the holiday break.  Please see this link for items that we have in L&F at this time.  Please place your child’s name on garments and lunch boxes.  They are left everywhere around our school.  Come in and check our lost and found if your child has lost something.  Our lost and found is growing daily. 

Thank you for reading!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Keith Griffin, Principal

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