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Beliefs, Mission, Vision


All Students and Staff:

  • Can learn and succeed

  • Should respect each other

  • Should strive to be lifelong learners

  • Have the right to work in a supportive environment

  • Are accountable and responsible for their actions

  • Should be immersed in the five C’s of STEAM education: Collaboration, Communication, Caring, Critical Thinking, and Cooperation.

  • Should be treated equally regardless of race, religion, sex orientation, and gender

All Students:

  • Are entitled to a quality education

  • Should be given opportunities for extra-curricular activities and be allowed to express their talents through creative arts

  • Are more successful when there is communication and involvement between the school, home, and community.


The mission of Springfield middle school is to cultivate meaningful relationships, embrace diversity, and pursue academic excellence and equity for all students.


All students will be prepared with the academic, emotional, and social skills needed to continue a high school path that leads to college and career readiness.